CD60 Series AC Motor Start Capacitor

Product Description: 
CD 60 Series Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors are suitable for single Alternating current motor with 50 Hz or 60Hz for the use of starting, which can make the motor obtain a higher turning distance under a low starting current. 

Technical data: 
Item: Characteristics 
Operating temperature range: -10~+55º C 
Rated voltage range: 110~330VAC 
Nominal capacitance range: 30-1000&muF 
Nominal capacitance tolerance(20º C, 120Hz): -10~+30% 
Dissipation factor(20º C, 120Hz): Tg&delta≤ 0.15 
Surge voltage: Applying 1.2 times rated voltage for 2 seconds 
Load life: Make contact for 1 seconds, shut off 29 seconds, after 37500 times; 
Make contact for 1 seconds, shut off 59 seconds, after 15000 times; 
Capacitance change: ≤ 15% initial value 
Dissipation factor: ≤ 0.20