CBB70 Series Lighting Capacitor

Product Description: 
Capacitors of this series are particularly suitable for parallel compensation of discharge lamps. 

1. Characteristic: 
Dry A. C capacitors are used for A. C motor's starting and running, it is small cubage, light weight, low dissipation factor, low temperature rise, high insulation, fine self-healing property. We can make the A. C capcitors with inner overtemperature resistant protect device in ROHS testing according to clients' requirement. 

2. Structure: 
1). The capacitor body is convoluted with metallized film. 
2). The container is adoptted flame & temperature resistant engineering plastic or aluminum, etc metal material. It is enveloped with epoxy resin. 
3). The install part is screw at bottom of container or double hanging hook. 
4). Connection terminals: Plastic-sealed wire, fast connected terminal and discharge resistance. 
5). We can design the particular specification and connection terminal according to clients' requirement. 

3. Application: 
Used for AC electronic power system at 50HZ(60HZ). Especially for fluorescent lamps, efficient metal-halogenide lamps for debase current in circuit and save electric energy. 

4. Technical specification 
1). Rated capacitance: 1¼F ~80¼F 
2). Capacitance tolerance: +/-5% (J), +/-10%~ +/-5% (U), +/-10% (K) 
3). Rated voltage: 110V~600VAC 
4). Rated frequency: 50/60Hz (low voltage) d50kHz (high voltage) 
5). Tangent of the loss angle(100HZ): Tg´d0.0020(MPP) tg´d0.0040(MPET) 
6). Insulation resistance: T-T: e3000M© T-C: e1000M© 
7). Climatic category: 40/105/21 
8). Safeguard class: P0, P1 
9). Reference standard: GB3667, UL810, EN6025