CBB61 Series AC Motor Capacitor

Product Description:
The capacitor takes heavy-edge metallized Al/Zn PP film or web-like safety film as dielectric. It is impregnated with flame-retardant epoxy resin and canned in cubic ABS plastic case with characteristics of small size, reliable performance and long endurance.

CBB61 series motor run capacitor has features of small size, light weight, small tangent in waste angle, and good self-concrescence. Applied to the starting and better working of sing-phase motor in 50Hz(60Hz) frequency AC power system.

Main Features:
Small size, reliable electric performance, self-healing, cannced epoxyimpregnant structure.

Technical Specification
Executive standard: GB36671-997
Technical features:
Climate type: 40/70/21
Capacitance tolerance: +-50%
LR: >=3000M&Omega. &muF
Dielectric dissipation Factor: Tg&delta<=0.002(50Hz-100Hz)

Application requirements
A. Altitude: <=2000m
B. Residual voltage while loading: Less than 10% of rated voltage
C. Allowed max. Voltage: Less than 1.1 time rated voltage
D. Permissible max. Current: Less than 1.3 time rated current.